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Observations about the physical and cultural spaces surrounding me drive my examination of the context in which things relate to each other and to me.

After finishing my degree in anthropology I studied art, which is real time extemporaneous culture study.

This interest in culture and examination of my place within it manifests itself in my current art practice. The irony of reflecting upon myself in cultural context was  apparent recently as I stood, hammering chards off of a block of glass to form primitive rocklike formations for a sculpture. After thousands of years of culture change, I am not much different than a cave woman creating a form that will eventually become a cultural artifact that someone else will study.

During my trailblazing career in the electrical industry as one of its first female electricians, I learned about walls. Walls that served to isolate spaces and people from each other as well as those providing a sense of both place and community.

Building foundation walls and demising walls, I was always cognizant that space was being redefined…building up, building out, walled in, walled off and walled out…a sculpture without a title.

Materials were stacked, moved, cut and assembled in a constant stream of serial change. The walls remained the reference point in the growing spacial assemblage- in front of – in back of- around them.

My contribution to those walls remained unseen- electrical wires installed in-between one side of a wall and another. Nothing more than concepts until lights were turned on.

The transformation of materials, textures and shapes into the formation of a building inspired my thinking about process, progression, place and time.

Now, I engage with a variety of materials pushed, marked upon, reorganized and arranged on walls and in front of them.

Juried Exhibitions:


2022 Crocker Kingsly Exhibition

         Blue Line Arts, Roseville 

         Juror Emma Saperstein


2020 The deYoung Open Exhibit; 

         deYoung Museum, San Francisco

          Juror: Timothy Anglin Burgard

2019 Works on Paper; Brand 47;

         Juror Alma Ruiz;

         Brand Library & Art Center

         Shades of Gray; O'Hanlon Art        

         Center; Juror Suzanne Gray

         Go Figure; Sebastopol Center Arts


2018  Cutting Edge: Benicia Arts Center

          Spring Juried Art Exhibition;Falkirk                   Cultural Center; Juror- Lynn Sondag

2017  Water; Ohanlon Art Center 


2016  Landscapes; Sebastopol Center for                 the Arts; “Shasta Fire”:


2015  Microcosmos; Gallery 621;                               "Emerging”;

           Juror: Chester Arnold


2014  Landscapes, Seascapes &      

          Urbanscapes; Pacific Art League


2013  30 x 30; Blue Line Arts


2012  The Art of Light; Sebastopol Center for            the Arts; Juror: Susan Pitcher;

          “Fragile” (Merit Award), “38 Degrees”



- B.A. Anthropology

- San Francisco Art Institute

- Cincinnati Art Academy

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