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Conservatory of Flowers and Painted Ladies: I set my sculptural friends on a bench in front of the conservatory, and on chairs in front of the iconic houses. People intent on photographing the planned attraction diverted their attention to the glistening white forms quietly competing for their attention. Many  included Participants within their framing of the Conservatory and Painted Ladies photo, placing the pants in the foreground of the photograph. Participants will remain a part of their San Francisco experience forever. 

Ft Mason: People entering and exiting the main event stopped and smiled as they noticed the contingency of white pants congregated on the walkway sitting patiently on their chairs. Some stopped to photograph them. Others could not resist the invitation to sit down and join them. The work seemed to bring a moment of joy to those who interrupted their journey just to take them in. It is rewarding to be present and not a tourist in your own life.

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